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SoccerViza and OPSM Forge Strategic Partnership to help identify undiscovered talent.

SoccerViza is excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with OPSM, another dynamic talent identification company in the industry. This collaboration promises to revolutionize the way undiscovered top-tier talents advance to the next level.

SoccerViza, renowned for its pioneering role in hosting professional combines, has an impressive track record of placing over 400 players into professional teams, including stars like Zac Lubin of the USL Championship and Josque Soto, who signed with Liga MX's Quertaro F.C.

The strategic partnership between SoccerViza and OPSM will see the two entities synergizing their expertise for even more powerful results. One of the key highlights of this collaboration is SoccerViza's participation in OPSM combines starting this Fall. Moreover, the alliance extends to SoccerViza inviting select players into their professional development team, SoccerViza Futbol Club, based in Costa Rica.

“ OPSM agency is very excited to be partnering with SoccerViza. The goal of our agency is to provide more opportunities to the talented and proven players developing under Joe at SoccerViza . Joe has created an environment that players can be put on a certain platform to showcase their abilities. This partnership only felt right especially with my brother and I being alumni’s of the SoccerViza family”. - Godwin Addai, OPSM PRO

OPSM, leveraging its extensive reach, will contribute by representing SoccerViza players, facilitating player pathways, and conducting scouting activities at professional training complexes. This well-rounded approach aims to offer players comprehensive support throughout their journey.

"Our shared vision with OPSM in uncovering latent soccer talent is truly aligned. With the combined networks and resources of both organizations, we anticipate this partnership will usher in a new era of opportunities for players to be acknowledged and showcased on a platform that can launch their careers." stated Joe Funicello, Founder of SoccerViza.

Cecilia Lihv, Director of SoccerViza, echoed the sentiment, saying,

"I am excited to embark on this collaboration with OPSM, a respected organization in the industry. Together, we can achieve tremendous success and open doors for players aspiring to reach the next level."

As SoccerViza's strategy revolves around identifying and nurturing undiscovered talented players, the collaboration with OPSM is set to amplify the impact of this process. The mutual dedication of both sides to providing promising players a genuine chance to thrive is a cornerstone of this partnership.

The strategic alliance between OPSM and SoccerViza has garnered anticipation within the soccer community. OPSM's renowned presence on social media under the handle @opsmsoccer has provided insight into the budding talents in North American youth soccer. Alongside this, OPSM has been instrumental in representing players, securing professional contracts, and fostering connections between players and clubs.

This partnership emerges as a beacon of hope for budding soccer players seeking opportunities in a competitive landscape. By converging the strengths of SoccerViza and OPSM, the collaboration aims to unearth and showcase hidden talents that may otherwise remain overlooked.

Joe Funicello summarized the sentiment succinctly, "As a company built by underdogs, for underdogs, we are committed to giving players a real chance. Not to blow smoke, but to truly give them a chance if they are good enough."

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