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SoccerViza FC Focused On Advancing

SoccerViza Futbol Club de Talamanca has only been a Costa Rican club since November, but in a short time, SoccerViza has created a presence that is felt around Costa Rica.

"We set a very high standard for ourselves and players with our goals and objectives. Our presence has made a lot of clubs have to elevate their standards. With that being said, it does not just relate to on-field play but also to how our administration and club is managed off the field." - Cecilia Lihv, Club President

SoccerViza participates in LINAFA's, Segunda "B" division, which is considered the third tier of the Costa Rican futbol pyramid. The league is comprised of a total of 58 teams from around the country. The 58 teams play in their regions, with the top two teams from each region advancing to a knock round of 16 teams, with two games (home and away). The winner gains promotion to the Costa Rican second division.

"Our goal is simple, to reach the first division, and to build a club that is a top Costa Rican club that is recognized around the world for developing top talent from Costa Rica. We are here to stay, Talamanca is home." - Giuseppe Funicello, Head Coach and Sporting Director

SoccerViza has had a great inaugural season and currently is in second place in the Limon region, group #1. The final game of the regular season is against La Colonia Revolution from Guaplies of Limon who is currently in first place by one point.

"The next game will be a final. We are only one point behind La Colonia, a win pushes us through to the final 16." - Steven Zamudio, Central Midfield.

"We have worked hard this whole season, training every day, we have gone from being teammates to being family. This is our moment." Tyrone Gibson, Defender

"We have worked so hard to be in this position and now we are." Axel Vlichez, Striker

The final game of the Limon region will be played on the 10th of April in Guaplies, Limon.

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