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"When no one was bold enough to stick their neck out for me ... SoccerViza did" (Pro Player Diary)

October 18, 2019

My name is Paxton Joseph Ballard (27) and I am a current player for FBK Karlstad.   


The Early Years:

I’ve been playing football since I was a little kid. My father is English, so football is in my blood. I think I always had a ball at my feet growing up. Funny enough, at first, I actually pursued tennis as a professional sport.


That was until I was allowed to stay up until 2 a.m. on a school night to watch England play Brazil in the 2002 World Cup. When I saw my dad's eyes light up, the singing from the fans, and the passion behind the game -- I was hooked! It was new to me because football was rarely televised in America. 

The very next day, I came home and told my parents that I no longer wanted to play tennis, but instead, wanted to play soccer professionally.  


Youth years:


When I was young, I was released by F.C. Westchester. I spoke to my father about what a blessing that was not too long ago. If I was never released at a young age, I probably would have never joined Eastern F.C, the club that helped me enormously through the years, and ultimately introduced me to Joe Funicello and SoccerViza.  


I played the majority of my youth soccer for Eastern F.C., a club I am forever grateful for. I did the traditional American soccer route and played in high school and then moved onto a small D2 school in Albany -- The College of Saint Rose.   


Ray Franklin, my former coach at Eastern F.C. introduced me to SoccerViza. 


SoccerViza has been immense in my development and my career. Before SoccerViza, I ha