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Does Your Child WATCH soccer?

September 30, 2019

How many players out there have taken a deep breath before a free kick with their legs wide, trying to imitate Cristiano Ronaldo? How many players have tried the Ronaldinho no look pass or snake fake? How many players in the past have tried to perfect their jukes so they could look like Lionel Messi on the pitch?  


Everyone who’s imitated a professional soccer player has seen that player attempt and successfully execute their actions in a game environment.  Unfortunately, that’s all going away now that younger generations are no longer concerned about watching the professional game.  


“Growing up, all my friends watched soccer and they still do, “said Juan Gonzalez, coach for SVFC. “The newer generations are more into social media than actually watching something productive. Yes, they’ll watch highlights on social media, but I think an athlete could benefit a lot from actually watching a full game.” 


According to common sense media, every day, teens spend an average of 9 hours online and children ages 8-12 spend an average of 6 hours. It’s a topic very common among our younger generation. Many companies try and create a positive environment for children online by making positive games, applications, and websites, but most children will always drift back to their everyday norms. Games, funny Instagram posts, messaging their friends online.  


Throughout the last month, I decided to ask 40 players around the area, “Do you watch football (soccer) on a consistent basis?” Among all, only 11 replied yes. I also asked 60 players about watching television. Most said, “I don’t watch that much television, but sometimes dad watches basketball, Football (American), Hockey, or Baseball.” 


Why Watching Professional Football is Important:


Studies say that watching professional sports improves your motor skills. A lot of planning, visualization, and learning is done while watching. If your child has a favorite player, he/she will imitate that athletes body movements, tricks, and mannerisms. Around our community, active football (soccer) players born around 2005-2012 watch other professional sports at home or online rather than the one they play – football/soccer.