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Viza Management - Cascais, Portugal

September 20, 2019

Viza Management is a player representative agency with professional soccer players currently active in Europe and Asia. With a growing clientele, CEO, Cecilia Lihv, and General Manager, Bernardo Vasconcelos, have decided to open a new office in Cascais (village in Lisbon), Portugal.



“The new office was in our plans ever since we began growing,” said Vasconcelos. “The market this summer went better than expected and we have more people helping and joining our team; therefore, it was necessary for a bigger space.”  




“I look forward to growing our brand and getting more players onto bigger environments at the professional level,” said Lihv. “Knowing that we have a positive hub for Bernardo, the football players, and the rest of our team gets us one step closer to the growth we