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Marco Antunez Joins SV Elite Pro Training Staff

September 20, 2019


Marco Antunez, co-owner of Total Body Performance Wellness and Training will be joining Joe Funicello on staff for the SV Elite Pro Training at SoNo Field House starting tonight.


Antunez is a former Division One collegiate soccer player at Davidson University, born and raised in Norwalk, CT. He will be working with Funicello running the speed and agility pieces of the SV Elite training.



"Working alongside Joe is great, we compliment each other very well," Antunez said. "This will be a great opportunity for us to learn from each other while I handle the agility and coordination parts of the training."




"Marco is a former teammate of mine at the youth level, he was a top player. Now he focuses his energy on the physical aspect of the game for his career and us being able to have him as our fitness and strength trainer for SV Elite is amazing. It allows me to concentrate on the ball and technical aspect while he takes care of the agility and coordination," said Joe Funicello.