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SoccerViza To Being Scouted By Benfica: Miguel Bustos

January 17, 2019

The underground soccer market in the USA is filled with players who have the ability to play at a higher level,  if only they were given the right opportunity to be seen and to showcase their talents. SoccerViza has been creating those opportunities for 5+ years with 200+ players being scouted and placed (success stories) in professional clubs at all levels around the world.


But no success story to date has been as big as the young footballer prospect, Miguel Bustos, from Queens, NY who has gone from SoccerViza combine to a professional trial with Portuguese giants SL Benfica's U18's!


Playing in the local city youth leagues before being picked up by New York Red Bulls U17 team, Miguel would spend a year with NYRB youth academy before a disagreement with a teammate made him leave the team at the U18 level.


"I had a personal problem with one the players on my team who was a former friend and I was just no enjoying the environment and my football. I wanted to get out of there and find my love for the game again."


- Miguel Bustos


Miguel's dream has always been to play in Europe and get to the highest level possible. His friends recommended the SoccerViza November combine but he was skeptical...


"My friend Frank told me about the event, but you hear all these horror stories about these type of tryouts and combines. Scouts not even there or it is just about the money.  But when I got there and started playing I was like oh sh*t this is NO JOKE. The scouts are right there and players are being cut and they are giving it to us real." 


- Miguel Bustos