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CONTRACT CONFIRMED: Raudel Rojas signs with Grythyttan IF

June 6, 2018

Grythyttan IF is currently sitting at the top of the Swedish 4th division tied in points with Latorps IF. 


The club's form this season has been heavily supported and driven by seven SoccerViza players and now with the addition of Mexican-American goalkeeper, Raudel Rojas the club hopes they continue their strong push for promotion this summer.


Rojas was part of the SoccerViza All-Star team, which was a squad of past SoccerViza combine attendee free agents who traveled to Iceland to play against Icelandic clubs in hopes of earning contracts. Players did earn contracts in Iceland but were also scouted/evaluated for other clubs in the world where SoccerViza has contacts and connections.


 "Rojas is a young hungry goalkeeper, with a great work rate and the mindset to improve every day. When Grythyttan IF called me looking for a goalkeeper to help push their current goalkeeper for starting spot, I felt Rojas could be the perfect fit. I am excited for him and think this opportunity will give him the experience to continue building his career."


- Joe Funicello, SoccerViza Director


The young goalkeeper will join SoccerViza players Zach Reynolds, Marcus Michelleti, Omar Perez, Dylan Williams, Patrick Sullivan, Julian Stifano and Stafford Chipungu Jr. until the end of the season.



"It's nice to be here and focus on soccer and be doing what I love. Right now the goal as a team is to win the league and move up in the division, my personal goal is to become the starting goalkeeper and just perform to the best of my ability. It's awesome to be here with these guys, I arrived yesterday and everyone is wearing their SoccerViza shirts and it feels familiar and welcoming. I am just excited to get work."


- Raudel Rojas, Grythyttan IF & SoccerViza Player





In placing and recommending players SoccerViza has grown relationships with clubs such as Grythyttan IF, which is a small amateur club in Sweden just outside of Orbero. The partnership allows players to head to Grythyttan IF to continue playing the game, be in a country that has more opportunities to be seen (unlike the US where opportunity is so low), and to help the team hopefully climb higher in the countries league ranks.


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