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CONFIRMED: Drou Goff To Trial With Nordvarmland FF

November 26, 2016

Drou Goff, a multiple-attendee of SoccerViza’s Danbury, Connecticut combines has turned another successful PDL season into a professional opportunity in Europe.


Drou’s profile on the SoccerViza Network was identified by Nordvarmland FF staff as a candidate to finish the current season in Sweden’s Division 3, as well as to join the team for the 2017 season.


Nordvarmland is currently running away with their conference, having gone undefeated through their first 14 games, building up a +39 goal differential along the way. A successful back half of the season will see them easily promoted back up to Sweden’s Division 2, from which they were relegated last season.


“This is a great move for Drou,” SoccerViza founder Joe Funicello commented.


“Sweden has a great style of football that Drou will be well suited to, and if he goes in there, does his job, and sets himself up for Division 2 next season, that’ll be a great experience to build upon going forward.”


Drou will be joining fellow SoccerViza player Tony Halterman at Nordvarmland, who was also identified on the SoccerViza Network. Tony recently won Man of the Match honors as he steered Nordvarmland to a 5-1 victory over Kungsor BK, saving a penalty kick and a breakaway to help preserve the scoreline.