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SoccerViza Introduces Free Combines

February 11, 2016

SoccerViza will begin a new combine format in October with lower prices for players across the board, and also allow select players to attend Elite Showcase Combines free of charge. 

In order to reach a greater number of undiscovered players and to raise the level of combines to allow players to show their best ability, SoccerViza will implement brand new ID camps and Elite Showcase Combines to kick off the winter transfer window season. 

Beginning in October, SoccerViza will host regional ID camps that any player can attend for $250 USD, which will allow a broader range of players to be able to receive an opportunity to chase their dreams. Each region will have three ID camps associated with it, and 60 players will be drawn from the three ID camps to play in an elite showcase combine for the region at no extra charge. 

SoccerViza consulted with players, coaches, and financial advisors to find the best way to open doors for more players by dropping the price, while also raising the standard of play so that visiting clubs have more players to select for trials and contracts. 

“We’ve been planning for a while on a way to open up SoccerViza’s services to more players,” Founder and CEO Joe Funicello commented.

“I know how hard it can be for players to find the finances to travel and participate in combines. I’ve been there before getting my career going myself, and see it every day from the business side now, and it kills me when a player with so much potential can’t come to a combine due to finances. I started SoccerViza to help the players who never got a chance, who were overlooked for whatever reason. This new format will help everyone get a chance.”

By keeping the ID camps and showcases restricted to regions, travel costs for players will be kept low, helping them to save more money beyond just the lower price for the combine itself. 

The new format will work like this: Player A lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He attends one of SoccerViza’s East Coast ID camps in Washington DC in the first week of October for $250. Player A performs well, and is selected to attend SoccerViza’s Elite Showcase Combine in Danbury, Connecticut three weeks later for free. He joins 59 other players selected from SoccerViza’s three East Coast ID camps in the Elite Showcase Combine in front of professional coaches looking to sign players to their teams.

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