Men's Professional ID Camps

✅Learn to understand the industry and to develop strategies to create a professional roadmap to get to your highest possible level, while being scouted by the professional clubs in attendance.


✅Be evaluated on the field in professional run training sessions and games.


✅Recieve coaching while being evaluated to pinpoint parts of your game that need be improved or tweaked to make sure you stand out.


✅Understand how to pick the right country that suits your playing style.


✅What country's playing style best suits you? Where can you play? What are VISA laws in different countries? What are salaries like and how much can you actually make?


✅ Become a master at finding opportunities on your own. Learn how to speak to people to open doors for yourself.

"The difference between SoccerViza and the others was that they seemed to genuinely care about the players that were there and gave helpful advice regardless of who they were. Joe was upfront, honest, and you can tell he has a passion for the game. Even though the combine was only a few days, Joe went above and beyond his professional duties and I could sense that he was authentic and really wants to help players further their careers."

                    - Dishon Isaac, ID Camp Attendee

What To Expect:
Event Requirments
  • All participants must be 16 years of age or older.*

  • All participants that are under 18 years of age must have a parent/guardian present at registration.

  • All participants are responsible for their own training/playing gear during the event.

  • All participants are responsible for transportation to and from the airport, hotel, and field.


*In special circumstances, we may allow, at our discretion, participants as young as 16 with written consent from the players' parent or guardian.*

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