What Will YOU DO?
Soccer is a platform that has the ability to change the world. Superstars can act for better or worse, and you can act for better or worse as well. Will you help change the world around you for good? Or will you occupy yourself with satiating your own desires? What are you going to do when you’re atop the platform that being a professional athlete provides?
Underdog of the Week: Ryan Morris
Ryan Morris has lifted trophies for numerous teams during his life, yet has struggled to find himself in a situation that saw him as a player of importance that his stat-line dictated he should have. The Top Drawer Soccer 100 recruit left West Virginia University to play in DIII, and now pursues his professional debut..
Player Logs: Mark Lavery Checks In (Again)
Mark Lavery is an attendee of multiple SoccerViza combines, and a professional player formerly with the Atlanta Silverbacks in the United States, Hamar in Iceland, and currently with Juventud Escazuceña in Costa Rica. Mark checks in occasionally to provide updates on life in the Costa Rican game.
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